Training Co-Sponsorship Application

We are pleased to inform you of available funding for the provision of training and educational opportunities designed to support adoptive parenting, improve professional competency around adoption and/or to enhance adoption awareness and sensitivity.

The Connecticut Department of Children and Families has generously provided the Adoption Community Network (ACN) with a limited amount of funding that may be accessed to co-sponsor training opportunities for adoption professionals and adoptive families.

Applications are reviewed by a funding committee that meets on the first Friday of each month at UConn Health. The funding committee will use the following criteria as part of the decision process:

  • Relevance of topic to the adoption community.
  • Size of audience that will have access to the training.
  • Ability of the applicant to gain co-sponsorship of the training (cost sharing).

Please note that funding awards generally are made to support speaker honorariums, site fees, and audio visual support. In order to maximize training dollars, travel costs, food, and childcare are not reimbursable through the ACN. These costs would be the responsibility of the applicant and its other co-sponsors.

Training costs must be paid by the sponsoring agency, and then invoiced after the training has occurred. Receipts for any approved expenses must be provided with the invoice along with an attendance list that indicates each attendee’s connection to adoption (e.g. parent, professional, educator).

See Co-Sponsorship Funding Application.